Clear is an organization

investing in our culture through character development,

inspiring individuals to fulfill their life’s purpose, and

introducing opportunities for personal and occupational growth. 

Our Staff

Warren Jackson

Executive Director

Candy Huggins

Development & Staff Relations

Alice Lothman

Intern Director

Garrett Jinks

Media & Maintenance Coor.

Clear’s History

Beginning in 1996 as the Awakening, Clear set out into the Shreveport/Bossier City area to reach college students and young adults. Our goal was to unite college students, give them a place to volunteer and serve, and assist them in the development of their character. Thus we began our investment in the lives of college-age students (18-25 yr olds).
In 1998, the Board adopted a plan to use those college students to “take camp to kids who wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to go to camp!” And so our camp division began.
Since then, Clear has been investing in college-aged students to help shape their passion and character for the Lord.   We have had the privilege of hundreds of staffers serving in our ministry doing camp.
But we are much more than a camp ministry. Camp is merely the tool we use to continue the character building and leadership investment we make throughout the year. We expanded that reach through our internship program, which began in 2015.
Our desire is to make a dent in this culture, connecting people to God through investing, inspiring, and introducing.
As of 2018, we have seen 6,688+ lives changed by the saving power of Jesus Christ, and we have had the honor of investing in 392 staffers in our 22 years of ministry.
And … the best is yet to come!